Our Story

We are a full-service maintenance company servicing Kissimmee, Davenport, Clermont and Orlando.  Our specialty is helping homeowners and property management companies care for their homes.  We provide a vast array of services and have many years’ experience working with property management companies and private homeowners.  Our clients are typically management companies and homeowners who outsource their maintenance services to us making the work streamlined and easy

24 Hours Service​

We have service professionals and contractors for you.   Through our network of maintenance professionals, we offer dependable, quality maintenance and remodeling work at affordable prices

20 Years Experience

At Titan Maintenance Pros, we aim to serve our customers, who count on us to provide top quality service to both their rental properties and to the people renting them. We treat all homes as if they were our own. Maintenance work will be done in a polite, professional and cost-effective way 100% of the time!

Do you need to replace a toilet?  How about re-grouting that shower?  Titan Maintenance Pros can take of that.  

We can build a deck, or frame out that that backyard shed you've always wanted.  Give us a call. 

Hang a door?  No problem?  Replace that broken lock?  Done.  

Don't guess when it comes to electrical work.  Hire a pro like Titan Maintenance Pros. 

From ripping out old stuff to installing new stuff, to cleaning your carpets and everything in between.  We can do that!

Stop dreaming of that new kitchen and call us.  We handle it all. 

Painting is a drag.  Call the people who have the right equipment to get the job done right and done fast. 

New or replacement windows.  Titan Maintenance Pros are the guys you want on the job. 

If it has to do with your house,
Titan Maintenance Pros can do the job. 

Why Choose Titan Maintenance Service?

Simply put…you have more important things to do!

  • DEDICATION – We are dedicated to delivering the best quality work to our clients and their guests.

  • TEAM – We have the experience, tools, and team with more than 20 years in the property maintenance and service business. 

  • TECHNOLOGY – Our efficiency helps your business grow.  We embrace technology and streamline our process to manage requests from start to finish.